Trainee+Up assists in coordinating your project Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility for Students and Staff according to your needs, offering support around all aspects of the mobility project.



Einar did a 3 month traineeship in Barcelona as a Institutional Cook through the Erasmus+ KA1 programme

Einar Mikael Mathisen

Traineeship in Institutional Cooking

Lena did a 3 month traineeship in Barcelona as a child care assistant through the Erasmus+ KA1 programme

Lena Tollefsen

Traineeship in Child Care

Daniel did a 3 month traineeship in Barcelona as a computer electronics technician through the Erasmus+ KA1 programme

Daniel Skogeng

Traineeship in ICT



Erasmus+ Internships

Source of host companies located in Barcelona, Spain interested in welcoming skilled students from across Europe as part of a traineeship programme. We collaborate with a large range of companies in the following fields: Business Administration, Media & Marketing, Childcare & Education, Tourism & Hospitality, Kitchen & Gastronomy, Health Care, Information Technology (IT), Gardening & Lanscaping, among others.

Trainee+Up works hard to broaden our network of host companies.


Trainee+Up provides a service to coordinate and manage your Erasmus+ Project in Spain:

  • Provision of Barcelona orientation guide and information upon participants arrival.
  • Coordinate an introductory meeting between participants and their host organisations.
  • Coordinate visiting teachers to host companies
  • Oversight of traineeship progress through regular meetings with participants and host organisations.
  • Recognition of achievement of traineeship learning objectives through final report and certificate of completion.
  • Assistance available for emergencies.


Trainee+Up provides accommodation for all participants in fully equipped apartments, students residences and home families in private or shared rooms full-equipped and with wireless internet, All students are located in central areas of Barcelona, well serviced by public transport and maintenance services.


On arrival and departure from Barcelona, Trainee+Up offers an airport transport pick-up service and local transportation arrangement. Furthermore, we join the students their first day of presentation in their host companies to guarantee a safe trip by public transport.

Bicing 1
Foto Libros

Language Programme

Trainee+Up offers options of Spanish or Catalan language programmes. Given by native speaking teachers, these classes are flexible and adapted to the students’ level and schedule. The language programme aims to supplement the language skills acquired by students through the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support.

Cultural programme

Trainee+Up organises several cultural visits in and around Barcelona to show participants the Spanish and Catalan historic and cultural heritage. Furthermore, we organise different gastronomic and folkloric workshops such as “Spanish ham cutting and wine tasting workshop” and “Initiation workshop to human towers” so participants get to know the cultural and fun side of Spain.

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