Our social commitment is what makes us different

At Trainee+Up we work hard to create a fair relationship between students and organisations by offering suitable and quality traineeships to both parties. We want to raise awareness about the importance of creating links between educational institutes, students, and companies for the development of the economy and the inclusion of youth in the labour market.

Unlike other companies coordinating student placements, Trainee+Up works differently by providing personalized and quality support to educational institutions, students and host companies. We also work hard to disseminate the Erasmus+ Programme and create future professionals.


The European Union has placed a lot of emphasis on investing in youth mobility in order to decrease the worrying figures of youth unemployment. Each scholarship not taken advantage of, is a missed opportunity for a student. Trainee+Up wants to support institutions and students participating in the Erasmus + program in the search for host organisations abroad.


We put our trust in today's educated youth and believe that with the right opportunities and guidance they can be an invaluable asset to businesses all around the globe. We want to change the mentality that a trainee is just a free student and work together with enterprises to empower the professional of the future.


Our values are transparency, closeness and equal opportunities

As a social organisation, Trainee+Up wants to assist European Institutions participating in the Erasmus+ Programme to offer equal opportunities to the students, thereby increasing their inclusion in the labour market. Also we want to encourage enterprises to trust and invest in our youth. We work to achieve this in a transparent and practical manner, offering a personalized service.



Civil Engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Mireia has over 8 years experience in coordinating Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus+ KA1 projects.

Mireia Rodrigo

Co-Founder and Project Coordinator

Business Administration and Management Graduated from the Universidad del Valle de Mexico, Claudio has over 5 years experience in coordinating Erasmus+KA1 Projects

Claudio Delgado

Co-Founder and Project Coordinator

Additionally Trainee+Up collaborates with a large variery of partner enterprises that make projects possible.

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