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Once you have been selected to participate in an Erasmus+ internship, please read carefully the following checklist on some essentials to help you on get on your way to Barcelona.

Ensure your learning agreement has been signed and completed by your Educational Institute

Check with your Erasmus+ coordinator regarding your grant details

Insurance is next on the list; this must cover accident and liability as you are coming to work. Ask your Erasmus+ representative if you are unsure about what cover you require as your institute might be able provide it on your behalf

Apply for your European Health Insurance Card - EHIC - this may come in handly

Notify your bank that you will be out of country for some time- this is to ensure that you can still use your cards without them being blocked

It would be worthwhile speaking to your mobile phone provider to see if you can use your phone abroad, if not look into getting a SIM when you are in Barcelona

Brush up on some key Spanish or Catalan phrases and words

Read your job description to remind yourself what it is you are actually coming out here to do. Familiarise yourself with what the company does, where they work and how they work. There are many differences in how businesses function in Spain compared to other countries.

Once you settled in Barcelona, It is also helpful to map out the distance and transport routes from key destinations such as home-work, nearest supermarket and metro stations. It will be helpful to make this journey before you start work to again familiarise yourself with the surroundings


The city that dreams awake, the city that will change your life

Barcelona, located in the North West of Spain and with 1.6 million inhabitants, has become one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Its mediterranean climate, with hot summers and warm winters, makes the city shine by itself, enchanting everybody who walks around its gothic and modernist streets, full of culture, history and people.

Culturally speaking, Barcelona offers endless inspiration. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year there is a cultural agenda brimming with inspiring events. You will breathe the culture in every corner of the city. From the modernist architecture of Antoni Gaudí to Joan Miró’s paintings, there is an endless stream of cultural activities which will never cease to inspire you.

Nightlife in Barcelona is unforgettable thanks to the huge diversity of clubs and discos which offer all genres of music, from electronic music to rumba catalana, milongas and salsa, to festivals and concerts. And to make it even better, the sun, the beach and friendly people make it a truly relaxing experience. Could you ask for anything else?

Barcelona, such a beautiful horizon, like a jewel in the sun. - Freddie Mercury - Barcelona 1992
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